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So you think IAM riders are old bearded codgers that 'tut' and wag fingers every time they see a bike with a race can?! WRONG!

At CVAM we do keep a few tame beardy types for their wisdom and knowledge but within our 120 strong membership there are riders from all walks of life and from all age groups, and an increasing number are women! In fact, so far in 2009, we have recruited twice as many women riders than men. Yes we have some 'Beemer' riders - we also have plenty of members who ride more 'sports' orientated machines. Shock, horror!….some IAM members even modify their bikes!! Yes, in simple terms, we're just a bunch of (mostly!) normal people that enjoy biking to the full.

We don’t care what you ride but we do care how you ride. Rider training and the safety of motorcyclists (all road users) is our priority but we have regular evening and weekend rideouts, visit places and events you might not otherwise get to, weekend trips away, Euro trips, BBQs and other social events. Our 120+ members come from a wide area within Somerset and South Gloucestershire, Bristol to Bridgwater, Weston to Wells and beyond Visit for more information.

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